TFT Session

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Soonday #20 w/ E. Van Peter, Cio, Princess P, 07.08.22
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Dischi & Soda

For almost two years, Dischi & Soda took place monthly at Vineria Centrale.

Dischi & Soda #19
Dischi & Soda #18
Dischi & Soda #17
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SoMo Session

Until November 2020, every first Sunday and Monday of the month out of our T4T headquarters.

SoMo Session #11d
SoMo Session #11c
SoMo Session #11b
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En Voyage

En voyage streams are not tied to a specific date. This allows us to stream spontaneously from various locations.

En Voyage à Photobastei #1a
En Voyage à Photobastei #1b
En Voyage à Kanal K, Blüetestaub
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