Tune for Tune is an alternative to popular streaming services and radios. The goal is to provide a platform for different DJs & music enthusiasts. Listeners shall experience music outside of the (common) genre thinking. The sets are broadcasted live with video and can be listened afterwards on Mixcloud. It all started in December 2018, when T4T went "en voyage" and streamed from different locations. Quickly, the formats "Dischi & Soda" and SoMo Session were added. Meanwhile, T4T has settled down in Zurich and offers weekly streams. Since January 2021, there are monthly recurring residencies, which contribute to the diversity of the program.
TFT Session

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Dischi & Soda

For almost two years, Dischi & Soda took place monthly at Vineria Centrale.

SoMo Session

Until November 2020, every first Sunday and Monday of the month out of our T4T headquarters.

En Voyage

En voyage streams are not tied to a specific date. This allows us to stream spontaneously from various locations.